What should I wear to go horseback riding? Jeans and a tank top or t-shirt is best. Boots or tennis shoes are the best footwear. Sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses is a good idea, too. 

Can I ride if I've never ridden a horse before? Yes! We may have you go in the round pen or arena for a few minutes so you can get a feel for your horse and so that we can teach you a few simple instruction to communicate with your horse.

Can we run with the horses? If you are experienced and feel comfortable with a trot or canter, you can in certain areas of the trail. If you do not feel comfortable going faster and just prefer to relax, that's perfectly fine, too.

Are helmets available? Yes! Helmets are available to any rider free of charge that wishes to use them. If you are under 18 years old, we strongly recommend that you wear a helmet anytime you are on a horse. 12 years and under are required to wear a helmet.

Are reservations required? Yes, we only have so many horses so it is best that you call or make a reservation through the website before coming over. 

Is there a weight limit or other requirements for people riding horses? Participants must weigh less than 240 pounds and be physically able to ride a horse on their own in order to be able to participant in trail rides. 

What time should I arrive for my trail ride? It's best to arrive 15 to 20 minutes early so that you can fill out release forms, settle in, and view a quick demonstration on riding before we head out.

What is the minimum age for trail riding? We recommend that trail riders are a minimum of 8 years old.